Graphic design is a necessity if you’re doing business online. It’s either this or you need to learn how to do graphic designs yourself. Leave the graphics to designers and manage your business the way you know how. If your site graphics are top notch, you can make more money. This is something that any business owner understands. Investing time and effort into graphic design could make your business suffer. You can easily find so many designers in one place.

One such site for designers and business owners to meet is 99designs. This is a popular marketplace for designers. The principle behind the site is crowd sourcing. Instead of spending time looking at portfolios of possible workers, you can choose from the concepts that have already been tailormade for you.

Your project will reach a pool of designers residing locally or internationally. It’s better to have a lot of people thinking of solutions for your needs. This site is ideal for small businesses.

Design solutions are abundant on this site because most of the graphic designers are talented. Yuo start by posting on the proper job category. If you want a logo done, there is a category for that. The same goes for banner ads and merchandise labels. There is a separate category for web design, including theme creation and tweaking.

How 99Designs Works

You will have to sign up as a contest holder. A listing fee will be required. You will have to pay 39 USD plus 10% of the bounty fee. There is a money back guarantee so you can be sure that if you don’t find a winner, you’ll get your money back. You will have fun choosing a winner to win your bounty.

The concept is simple enough. Designers compete with each other in order to win the right to work you your project. You can keep using a good designer when you find him. The project creation is a no-brainer. The process is simple and you will be guided all throughout.

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