Events management, like marketing and HR before it, has now become a core profession in the modern business landscape. The growth in the sector has meant increased employment opportunities, as well as the need for a discrete skills-set to meet the challenges involved in planning, launching and hosting large scale events. Two factors have driven this growth.

Firstly, there has been an increased awareness in modern organisations regarding the role of networks. Companies and management are no longer isolated in their own fiefdoms, moving at glacial pace. Rather they are compelled by the rate of change in the modern marketplace to constantly be updating knowledge and finding new ways to grow and adapt. This involves talking to people and finding things out, as well as building their brand images through marketing and promotion. All this talking, networking and promoting naturally means more events, and more events managers.

The second factor is the exponential expansion in the leisure industry, which has continued in spite of recession. This has combined with the trend towards ever-larger venues, creating the need for a higher level of logistical expertise. Hence there has never been a greater chance for talented, organisationally-gifted people to join the events management industry.

Fortunately, if you are thinking of moving into the events field, or if you are starting out and feeling daunted by the size of the challenges, there are now dedicated events management training that give you the overview of best practice across the sector as well the equipping you with the analytical and practical tools you need to succeed. Edexcel, one of the global leaders in business and management education, now offers both a Level 5 Diploma in Events Management as well as Level 3 Certificate for those with less experience. The Certificate essentially represents the first half of the Diploma, and candidates can opt to ‘top-up’ to the full qualification when they wish.

Nowadays such courses are usually taken online via a virtual learning environment like Moodle which enable students to receive constant guidance and feedback from their tutors. Both courses equip students with a strong understanding of all the various operational and strategic matters that impact on the role of the events manager, as well as the financial processes that he or she must master. Students will examine the service industry in detail and the nature of the working relationships within, including industrial relations and contracts. In the higher level modules students will study financial planning and analysis, including cost projection and evaluation as well as looking more deeply at theories involved in Human Resources. There is, in addition, a discrete module which covers Entertainment and Venue Management.

Correct training in the skills and insight needed by this important industry is vital to deliver at the highest level in the events management field. www.BrightonSBM.com is an established provider of online management courses: check out the courses available on their site.