To get music from your computer to your iPod is something quite easy. But it is not easy at all to move music from the iPod to the computer. Do not worry about the process. With only a few simple steps, you can do that quite quickly. On this page, how to get music from ipod to computer, you will discover more about copying your iPod to your PC.

Before starting such transfer to your PC, you have to organize a folder on your desktop otherwise you will have lots of files all over. To create such music folder, you only need a few minutes. Within that main folder, create smaller sub folder having as names the music’s kind of artist’s name. This will make the transferring of music from your iPod to computer smooth. Check this page, copy iPod to PC, for good info about transferring music from an iPod to a computer.

You don’t need any extra program to move your music files from your iPod to your PC system. To begin everything, with the download cable, connect your iPod to your PC system. At first, during the transfer, you may see that iTunes is starting to erase your music files: don’t panic. Hitting the X in the top corner on the iTunes box will stop the deletion of your files.

You can now go on with the next step. First, hit the Start button found on the lower left of your PC system and go to your Control Panel. You will find the Portable Media Devices sections including there your iPod. Double click the iPod icon. Then you have to go to the Tools Menu. From there to Options. Look for Show Hidden Files and Folders in the View Tab. You will need to navigate to your Music folder in order to complete the transfer of the music from your iPod to your PC system. Select all of the music that is on the iPod and from here you are going to simply drag them to the folder we created earlier on your desktop. Drag and drop all the songs to their right new folder. You will see the transfer begin if you did this correctly.

You don’t have to have a difficult time moving all your important iPod files over to your PC or desktop. All you have to do is go online and look up Media Widget. This way you can safely move everything and you don’t have to worry about losing the data in the process.