It is a must to directly connect an Apple Ipod to a computer the moment you want to upload some content to it. Besides being quite forward, such general upload process only takes a few minutes. To know exactly how the progress is working is a must. The iPod does come with a user manual that shows exactly how to perform the task, but if you have lost the user manual you are able to follow these steps and directly connect the Apple iPod to your computer. On this web page copy ipod to pc you will discover more about how to transfer music from ipod to computer.

To start, you must have iTunes installed on the computer. This program is freely available on Apple’s website. The moment the program has been fully installed on your PC (after the download) then you can start the connection process. Look here how to transfer music from ipod to computer for interesting info about copy ipod to pc.

First, connect the USB cable coming with the Apple iPod to the small power port on the bottom part of the gadget. After that, connect the other end of the cable into a USB port part of your computer system. What USB port you will use exactly does not matter. Since they do all function in the same way.

Then start the program ‘iTunes’. It will open automatically once it will detect the iPod. If not, then you can load it by double-clicking on it on the desktop icon. Before going further, wait for the program to load completely.

Then on the left side of the iTunes screen, under “My Devices”, click the ipod listing. This loads all the iPod information into view on your iTunes software. To start the connection process of uploading songs, and more content, to the iPod, click on “Sync” In the lower right corner of the program’s window, you will find the button. Then the upload process will start. Until iTunes is saying the upload process has finished: don’t disconnect your iPod from your PC.

With the Ipod: you can listen to your favorite songs, watch movies and even play games. In order to upload the contents to the Apple iPod you must properly connect it to a computer and sync the two devices together.

There are programs that you can use in order to move from your iPod to your computer. Use Google to find Media Widget. If you download it you can get started immediately. Your ipod contents will not be lost or deleted and you can enjoy them on your computer right after the process is complete.