There are four main ways that a person can transfer files from computer to computer. Using an external storage media is the first method. In order to backup your applications, your pictures, your documents and movies, such external storage media will use three different things. First, the media will create a file holding all the previous kind of files, then the file will be moved to another computer. The second method is via a duplicate copy. You are going to copy all those files inside another folder. The third thing is to use backup software.

Sharing files over a LAN is the second way to transfer files. So both computers will have to be connected to each other. You will be able to share your hard drive by going into the settings and enabling the sharing option. Once everything is ready to go, then you should be able to find the drive under the network tab in your holder. Then simply make a copy of all the folders and files and move them into another folder part of your PC system.

With an easy transfer cable, this is the third method to transfer files. With computers equipped with MS Windows operating system, you should be able to get an USB cable. It is possible with such USB cable to connect both computers together. If you don’t have such cable, you can get one at your local PC store or even online. Maybe the cable is not so cheap but that’s the only method you’ll be able to transfer the files.

To manually connect the HDD is the fourth, and last, way to transfer files. It is quite an easy way to transfer files. Mostly because you won’t need any extra hardware. Expect the files to transfer faster. It is thus quite easy to copy the files from one computer to the other one. When you have to transfer files with this method, all you need is an USB adapter. Most of the time, a person that works on computers a lot will have an extra one laying around so it does not cost them any money. Click here to have more ideas about how to transfer programs from old computer to new computer or click this link for lots of info about transfer files from old computer to new computer. This is quite a good site with lots of pertinent and interesting info on the subject.