It has long been recognised that the most vital ingredient in business success is people. All the key decisions the good or bad ideas are being taken by people; a company’s performance rests on the performance of individuals. Therefore, the question of how people are recruited, placed and developed, as well as whether or not they understand and fit in with the ‘culture’ of the organization, is of the utmost importance to its success.

In a modern organisation, this is dealt with by the Human Resources department. The fact that the department has been renamed (from the more impersonal ‘Personnel’) illustrates the wide understanding that success rests on this investment in human capital. The methodologies and ways of thinking found in HR can fairly be said to have transformed business culture over the past thirty or so years, as well as play an increasingly strategic role.

Accordingly, the profession itself has grown in importance, becoming both highly-regarded and well-remunerated – less than surprising perhaps considering that part of the job is setting pay scales! HR professionals are central players in the modern business environment, seen as crucial to operational effectiveness.

If you are just beginning your career in HR or are thinking of going into the profession, it is vital to understand the industry, how it thinks and operates and how it fits in to the wider organisational context. To become an HR professional it is important to understand the theories that underpin the decisions made by HR managers and the analytical instruments they use. The time-honoured way to acquire this knowledge is through a dedicated course of study and there are a number of HR courses online that will help you get there. The advantage of an online course is the total flexibility it offers, with students able to study when, where and at the speed they wish, whilst still receiving support and help from tutors via online learning environments such as Moodle.

Edexcel, the global leaders in business and management education offer a range of both short and more in-depth courses. Students may dip their toe into the water by taking a level 5 Award (consisting of two modules) or a Certificate (three modules). The shorter courses concentrate on taking a broad look at HR, the principles that guide the discipline and the basics of selection and recruitment procedures. It is possible to convert either of these qualifications into a full Level 5 Diploma, or an HND, by taking further modules. Subsequent modules look in more detail at specific HR functions such as staff development and industrial relations and how HR is integrated with other business departments.

In would are keen to know more about how an Edexcel course can help get you the HR career you desire, check out the BrightonSBM website.